About Us


Haney Family Sawmill is a small, local family owned and operated business located in Liberty, TN. We serve the region as well as customers nationwide whom we have come to know as part of our family. We treat everyone with kindness, honesty and do our best to educate anyone that comes by the mill with all the information they’ll need to complete their current project (and maybe a little more). In the next few paragraphs, you can find out why the people, equipment and processes make Haney Family Sawmill different from any other sawmill out there.


The Haney Family has a heritage with Tennessee wood going all the way back to the 1800s when Roy’s great grandfather floated a loads of logs down the Tennessee River from WIlliamsburg, TN to Nashville.

Since then the Haney Family has grown their business to serve a wide variety of folks with a wide variety of projects. They’ve handled projects all over the country encomapsing everything from backyard sheds to complete services to historical sites.

Roy will usually be your first point of contact at Haney Family Sawmill.  Roy has the experience you want when it comes to this industy. Roy’s first job on a sawmill was in 1962 working a 00Frick at the tender age of 9. The Haney family has been around the timber industry since they built on their Homestead in Jackson County in the very early 1800s.

Roy grew up with the stories of parbuckling logs on a wagon with a mule and the servicing of a Steam Sawmill. He was blessed when he left military service to work as an Engineer in Northern Ohio and just happen to move next to a sawmill. Under the tutelage of Harvey Clotts, a seventh generation Miller, he learned a depth of love for the wood and it’s use.


Using the best wood processing technology, we can take any raw stock and turn it into usable stock lumber. This saves you money and also ensures that the stock you’re using isn’t helping to contribute to the variety of woodborne blights that are affecting our trees and being exacerbated by shipping lumber from one region to another.

We have had a band mill operation since 1993 and are currently on our third Woodmizer band mill. We currently operate a Woodmizer LT70 mill. This sawmill is the largest mill you can have and still be portable. We also have a HR120 resew which allows us to resew beams for the customer. This is a service that allows the customer to have wood resized for their needs.


Located on a heavily wooded parcel of land just off Nashville Highway in beautiful liberty TN, the Haney family uses sustainable harvesting method to procure all the lumber they mill in house. We have a significant amount of cedar available with a variety of other hardwoods mixed throughout.

Of course we also have the ability to mill any timber you have on your land into wood that is usable in your projects. If you have lumber on your land that needs milled or you just need it gone… contact us and we will be glad to see if we can help.